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Another Day Another Scheme

So here I am, contemplating what to blog, and no napkins. Believing that these computer things might just catch on, perhaps not now, but someday! I have decided to plunge on in so as to get in on the ground floor. What better way than to become a web programmer! And I can make tons of money–there are plenty of sites that say so. All I need to do to find out the secret to making money on the web that NO ONE ELSE HAS is to order a vastly-just-for-me-discounted /pdf|license|video|whatever/ within the next few hours–no minutes! Blurry eyed and feverish I mouse my way to the golden-brick-link, hovering I hesitate, finger poised to click the click that will change my life forever, something nagging at the back of my mind. What was it? Oh, yeah, I’m broke.

So back to web programming. Actually I think it would be fun. Woefully behind on social networking, having abstained from JavaScript (this turns out to have been a mistake), I am plunging ahead in all things web.

I have learned a lot from blogs. I have started exploring the Scheme and Lisp programming languages to get a better handle on JavaScript’s core. It turns out all those parentheses are like little machetes hacking away the overgrowth obscuring that core.

Rather than just agonize my way through the mountains of information alone, I wanted to share. Share my thoughts and progress and occasional insights on my journey. The resources, books, the whatever that comes along that I integrate into my scheme of the day.

I like to read, write, explore. I like to learn and share in odd and creative ways. So here I am.


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