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The Journey Continues

Off to a limping start. One last attempt at getting a usable, compiling Common Lisp environment set up. I have settled on Embedded Common Lisp. The process has been a little over 30 min. so far. As I write this, it just finished. The compile process was an interesting mix of output from make and lisp code. If my current box wasn’t from the Dark Ages, I don’t think it would have taken as long.

This time, though, has given a pause for me to step back and meditate upon the deeper things, like how have I come to this point, and why on earth did I try to compile it through xterm with the X server still running.

The second question is one of those unanswerables. The first has a slightly more cogent path.

It all started when I applied to be a web programmer and asked what I needed to do to advance to those lofty heights. The answer was immediate and direct. Master JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS. These are the Five Elements I must seek out. To that end, and to put me in the proper mood, I popped in some Jackie Chan and other Kung Fu flicks. Properly motivated, I decided to set out after the least known Element: JavaScript.

So, you might well ask, why does this seeker of web wisdom slave away at the command line in order that he might forge the perfect Lisp environment? Well, it’s like this. JavaScript is a functional language deep down, but the ancient tomes of functional wisdom are written with a decided lisp in a scheme unknown. So learn this scheme first. After pushing through 14 chapters of the excellent Simply Scheme, I had a grasp of recursion and higher-order functions. But I needed more practical examples. Enter Practical Common Lisp–the book.

My plan now is to work through that book as quickly as possible, and I wanted more than just one version. I had hoped to get one with a better IDE, but they all failed horribly and fatally–for example, the editor won’t attach to the running instance, and it was packaged with that version of lisp for just that reason. Oh, yes, and ease of installation and use. And so my journey continues.


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One thought on “The Journey Continues

  1. mayasaietz on said:

    Nice that you’re learning Lisp, good luck with it!

    I’ve got ‘Land of Lisp’ by Conrad Barski lying open on my desk, but I haven’t read in it for a while – I’m already learning Java, JavaScript, improving my MySQL and messing with game development in Unity in whatever spare time I have… But next summer! Next summer, I will learn Lisp!

    Anyway, I think the point I was trying to make is that it’s a very good book – it’s fun and educational at the same time, and at least for me, learning through game programming was so much better than the somewhat boring examples you find in most text books.

    Again, good luck, and keep going!

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