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Let the Battle of the Books Begin!

On a suggestion, I have decided not to limit myself to one book, but rather to work through both Practical Common Lisp and Land of Lisp, plowing through one until I get confused, stumped, bored. Both books have their strong points and weak points, but for now, they seem to complement each other well. One thing I feel would be an improvement is the addition of targeted, doable exercises with step by step solutions. I am seeing a lot of theory in both–and that certainly helps my understanding of how lisp works–but the code is presented as “Here you go!” followed by an explanation of why it works. Personally, I find having to think out solutions on my own and then seeing how the authors solved the same problem, is much more effective. Of course, coming up with those types of exercises that advance the learner without overwhelming them and without being too simplistic, is no mean feat.

Battle Status (by current chapter):
LOL 5 — PCL 5*

* currently active book.


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