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Heavy Casualties

I stood at the treeline near the foot of the mountain surveying the fray. It didn’t look good. One of lieutenants approached, uniform torn, muddy. A trickle of blood flowed from his right temple. “Supply lines have been cut off, Sir! Sustained heavy casualties on all sides. Intelligence says that both enemy forces have signed a temporary truce in order that they might band together to destroy us first, before destroying each other.”

“Must have just finished reading King John. No matter!” I replied. “What are our options?”

“Intelligence has been able to decipher only some of messages we have intercepted. LoL forces are spreading out along the northern front. PCL forces have laid a heavy mine field to the West while entrenching themselves along our southern line.”

“East it is then, over the mountain.”

“But, Sir, winter is hard by and the clouds are frowning darkly above the peak. I fear our forces will be caught in the coming storm and freeze ere we reach the other side.”

“If we stay here or brave either side we’ll be overrun and lost. We will have a better chance if we maintain the higher ground. Give the order!”

As the lieutenant ran off carrying the instructions to the troops, I thought to myself, ‘and perhaps those legends about the mountain have some kernel of truth.’


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