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How do you stay true to yourself?

True is an action, not just a state. It can describe the process along which we might ever more refine ourselves to become that which we were meant to be. That self we think our own was given us, implicit within it the longing for our natural home. We strain to hear the beacon, strain to see the lighthouse that will guide us through the storm of others telling us what we must be (so that they might profit) and how; our frail vessels nearly overturned, confused, horrendously pummeled by the capricious relativisms of our time.

We might start by acknowledging that we can’t stay true, then desire to the truth, with patience, longing, love and, hardest of all, humility. This ‘true to self’ of which we all can so glibly speak comes from an absolute, without which becomes a moving target sinking ever lower. More easily hit, perhaps, but the accomplishment seems not quite right, or enough; there’s something more we desire. Without that absolute, ‘true to self’ is given every kind of meaning, beholden to none but fancy, whim and the ‘spirit of the times,’ and thus loses all useful purpose.

Therefore, calm and quiet we proceed throughout each day as best we can, pointing out each thought to our own selves, and wondering from whence it came, and why, again as best we can. We start from where we are and gently, knowing we may never know, but taking each step each day on our journey home.


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