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$1000 of . . .


So lets say, as I feel that $1000 of superballs qualifies as an “in bulk” order, we could get them for 10 to the dollar. That’s right–10,000 Superballs, or Flumis as they are otherwise known (use German pronunciation).

A short blog today, but I believe the answer is simple and immediate–one, huge, hollow, super-glued-together superball shell. Strategic openings can be left so that the adventurous can climb inside, get attached so as to be suspended in the middle and bounced somewhere sufficiently public, big, wide, and flat (for a fee of course. I have seen some similar plastic ball rides in a kiddie pool priced at $8.00 a pop, so I’m thinking we could get at least $50 a ride.)

Now where did I put that structural engineer…


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