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Beauty is only

skin deep? It is cliche. But sometimes there is truth lying beneath the surface of cliches. You just have to look hard enough. Is it not interesting that we should call it “skin deep” to imply that beauty is just on the surface or only superficially appreciated? Skin is a surface. It is the conduit of communication, complex communication between beings. It is not its own, some autonomous thing, but lives as a connected part of the whole being. Thoughts are expressed, hidden or disguised. We see how others react, get a first sense of who they are through their skin. We can’t see inside or truly know their thoughts. Touch can be light and playful, friendly, caring, or intimate. This surface, this skin, is more than just skin deep.

So what then is beauty? Or rather, what makes someone beautiful? It is only one thing, that which makes a person beautiful. Not how they look, or touch, or how they make your heart melt when you look into their eyes. Not their hair, their laugh, or impressive intellect. From their deep being wells up the beauty that can express itself in manifold ways. No two are exactly alike. Like good art, it may be difficult to define, but we know it and respond to it when we are in its true presence.


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2 thoughts on “Beauty is only

  1. What timing! I just posted a poem called skin deep not 5 min ago. nicely written.

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