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Stupid Cure

Is there a cure for stupidity? If there is, I want it! Of course the actual daily post question is how would you spend $1 million to reduce stupidity in your area. 

That may take some time. One million is not nearly enough. As is my wont, I would go for the pragmatic solution. First, we need to invest the million in a diversity of projects that will yield dividends to live off of, and some high returns to build up the fund. This allows me to devote my full-time efforts to the cause. Next, we apply for non-profit status as a group devoted to improving education, test scores, blah, blah. Some of the initial outlay would have to go for a nationwide campaign to raise awareness. Donations are tax deductible, so it’s the smart thing to do. Donations could be rolled into the portfolio and further, global advertising, as well as invested into local real estate. Ostensibly this gives the organization a home base to work from, and property that can be leveraged as collateral (only if necessary). By this time my job at the organization is filled with work and travel (in order to promote the cause), therefore I really should get a raise. Not too much, just enough to look responsible but not greedy. As my own investment portfolios increase my net worth, I buy off the groups investment property, thus benefiting the group make making their assets more liquid. These properties can be rented out only to those who don’t rank too high on the stupidity scale. As my strangle-hold…I mean investments in the community continue, the renters would be pushed out to the properties furthest from the center. This would be for them an upgrade. This process continues until I can reasonably ask for and get a pension I can live off comfortably indefinitely and there is no one else living in a 1-mile radius of my home, thus reducing the stupidity of my area quite a bit.

OK, so even if I am the only one there, the stupidity rate is pretty high. And then this post will surface and the populace will turn against me and arrive on night en masse with pitchforks and torches. And it is a lot of work I would be making for myself, anxiety over investments, &c. Scrap the whole thing. I’ll go for the more spiritual approach. Pocket the whole sum and work on improving my stupidity via world travel, stress reduction (I hear the Caribbean is particularly good for this), and education. We got to start right where we are, with ourselves right?


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