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Do I like surprises? Generally, no. Unless they are something good. Then they are OK, as long as they are not presented in a way that is loud or startling. They could be neutral, I guess in that case they are OK as well, and wouldn’t be presented loudly.

Life is interesting and full of all kinds of surprises, especially if you know where to look. The best surprise all year–well, my guess is that it hasn’t happened yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if it waited until the last day of the year. Which it probably won’t now, since it wouldn’t be a surprise if I’m expecting it. Unless it tries to be sneaky and knows I won’t think it is the last day of the year, because I already thought it would be the last day of the year and goes ahead and surprises me then anyway, and really it would do well to almost-best surprise me sometime before then to lull me into a sense of security, thinking the surprise has already come and gone (surprises can be surprisingly clever that way), thus not expecting a surprise to come later than it already had, I might be really surprised when hit by the actual surprise, and even in that case it would have to be extraordinarily good (like lots of money) and extraordinarily quiet, that is not loud, for me to be caught unawares. That would be really surprising. Nah, who am I kidding. I’d hear it coming.


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